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I’m super excited to have had an article published by Prudential in their quarterly adviser magazine – Oracle. Here’s an extract from the beginning; do hop over to the Pruadviser website to read the rest.

Having a different skillset, paraplanners are able to help advisers spend more of their time with their customers.

The company I work for, EQ Investors, has a large team of advisers and a group of paraplanners to work with them. This means that we experience different ways of working and different aspects of financial planning. Having a breadth of knowledge helps us to support advisers when they come across situations they are less familiar with. This team approach works really well and both parties enjoy it. We get to acquire and apply a wide range of knowledge, and the advisers get valuable unbiased support. It’s definitely a win-win.

Lord Tennyson famously wrote ‘Ours is not to reason why, ours is but to do and die.’ The context is of course radically different to paraplanning, but I would expect this statement to grate with paraplanners. Not simply because a large part of the role is writing ‘reason why’ letters, but because the hunger to know ‘why’ is what makes a great paraplanner. With so many things changing on a regular basis (pensions, tax, trusts) there is a lot to understand.

Learning is good fun in itself, but it isn’t what the heart of paraplanning is about. Everything a paraplanner does is about our clients and enabling them to achieve their objectives. The knowledge, reasoning, and technical application is a means to this end. In fact the combination of the two is incredibly rewarding. Our role is to undertake effective research and prepare advice for the adviser to deliver to the client. By playing to the strengths of two types of person we are able to achieve better outcomes for clients and the businesses we work for.

To read the rest of this article please visit the PruAdviser Oracle website.

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A Paraplanner at EQ Investors since August 2010, Dan’s Music Technology degree helps him approach Financial Planning problems creatively. IFP Paraplanner of the Year 2014 and member of the PFS Paraplanner Practitioner Panel, Dan is working towards Chartered status and recently became a CISI Accredited Paraplanner. Dan is also involved in youth work at his local Church in Hatfield.

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