The tide comes in and the tide goes out

Part of my routine during the week is to take some time out to sit by the river. I’m fortunate to work very close to the River Thames near London Bridge. I grab my lunch and find a peaceful spot to sit, relax, and clear my mind. I think it’s important to do this and can help with a stressful, busy day. Sometimes it helps provide fresh perspective.

The Thames is a tidal river and there is a huge difference in water level throughout the day. The tide comes in and then in due course goes back out again. Those of you who have spent time on water will know that the tide is powerful and will quite easily drag you this way and that. However there are structures that cope and are not dragged away.

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About Dan Atkinson

A Paraplanner at EQ Investors since August 2010, Dan’s Music Technology degree helps him approach Financial Planning problems creatively. IFP Paraplanner of the Year 2014 and member of the PFS Paraplanner Practitioner Panel, Dan is working towards Chartered status and recently became a CISI Accredited Paraplanner. Dan is also involved in youth work at his local Church in Hatfield.

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