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As well as writing the content in my own blog, I’ve had the pleasure of writing some blogs and articles for other sites and thought it would be good to link through to them.  Do check out the rest of their sites.  I’ve also been featured in the press mainly about winning the IFP Paraplanner of the Year 2014 award.

Blog posts

I’ve been invited to write a few guest pieces for the IFP Paraplanner Blog.

The ParaHub

For a period in 2015 I spent some time working with The ParaHub which is a network for Paraplanners (alongside my work at EQ). I wrote a number of blogs on topical subjects to get other Paraplanners thinking about issues in Financial Planning. We also interviewed influential people in the Financial Planning profession. The aim of The Parahub was to shout about how awesome Paraplanners are and get them thinking through (and discussing) the big issues of the day. I’m no longer involved with this organisation, but the need is very much still there!


I work for EQ Investors and from time to time I will be writing articles for their website.  I’ll be putting links through to them here.

  • How long will you live? In this article I stir up some thoughts to consider about longevity and how this relates to Financial Planning – particularly considering the new pension flexibility from April 2015.
  • Tax Year End Checklist 2015 I was asked to put together a 10 point checklist for people looking at their tax year end financial planning. Rather than just talk about ISAs and Pensions this piece is written to help people think about their other needs such as emergency funds, debt management, and philanthropy. To support some of the points about ‘tax traps’ I have written a few case studies (Child Benefit Trap and 60% Tax Trap).

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