What will the tide reveal next?

Last week as I was taking my lunch I noticed that the River Thames was at a particularly high level. No doubt there were some spots where it was lapping at the footpaths. Today however it is really low. So low that we even have beachcombers here in the City of London looking for interesting […]

Wisdom not waffle: 4 tips for engaging reports!

One of the key skills for any Paraplanner is to write clear effective reports. What do we think about when we write a report? In this article I want to give you some practical tips that I have found helpful. Tip 1: The report is worthless – the message is where the money is The […]

Tips for better client outcomes : life cover

In the November 2015 issue of Professional Paraplanner I took a look at the underwriting process. This is where an insurer decides whether they want to offer cover and whether the premium needs to go up (it never goes down!!)… For health individuals this is generally straightforward but an old health condition- or something that […]

Cashflow modelling: visualising your financial future

Whilst not an exact science this is a tool that I use at work to help people visualise their financial future. Most ventures use projections based on assumptions when planning the future. It informs decisions and helps work out whether a risk is realistic or reckless.  Professional Paraplanner have posted a few insights from me […]

Paraplanning: My story

I love to hear people talk about what motivates them and how they got where they are. I recently read an article about how a financial planner from Rutland entered the profession. The website that published the article issued an invitation for Paraplanners to share their story so I took up the challenge. Check out http://www.adviserlounge.co.uk/2015/09/01/paraplanning-my-story/

Working together for the best client outcome

I’m super excited to have had an article published by Prudential in their quarterly adviser magazine – Oracle. Here’s an extract from the beginning; do hop over to the Pruadviser website to read the rest. Having a different skillset, paraplanners are able to help advisers spend more of their time with their customers. The company I […]

Paraplanners PowWow Down South – July 2015

Yesterday I went to my first local Paraplanners PowWow. This is an informal ‘unconference’ where people in my profession can gather to talk freely. It’s a great chance to meet others and find out how each other does things. I’ve just joined the team that organise the London event so it was great to get […]